Huawei HiQ

Huawei HiQ is an open-source software framework for quantum computing. It aims at providing tools which facilitate inventing, implementing, testing, debugging, and running quantum algorithms using either classical hardware or actual quantum devices.

  1. Open development system: Huawei HiQ is released under the Apache 2 license. The framework is based on and compatible with open-source ProjectQ software and will continue to be open-source

  2. Visualization scheme for classical-quantum hybrid programming: Unique quantum programming BlockUI makes classical-quantum hybrid programming easy and intuitive

  3. Support of distributed and scalable hardware and software: The compilation framework supports multi-type of quantum hardware backends and Python/C++ API front-end extensions

  4. Outstanding computational performance: Provides high-performance C++ parallel and distributed simulator backends

  5. High-efficient resource management: Integrated high-performance optimizer for quantum circuit compiling to support finite internal RAMs and massively parallel computing

  6. Support with rich algorithm library and help documents: Rich algorithm Library of important basic algorithms, accelerates the learning and development processes

Please cite
  • Huawei HiQ team, “Huawei HiQ: A High-performance Quantum Computing Simulator and Programming Framework”,

  • Quantum Computing: Introduction to the basic concepts of quantum computing

  • Tutorials: Tutorial containing instructions on how to get started with Huawei HiQ

  • Examples: Example implementations of few quantum algorithms